Friday, November 02, 2007

Lola's angels--my playmates!

Can you imagine Lola took care of everyone in the picture??How she does that??That's her secret!!But I think I know her secret!!Time management!! I am very good at that!!
First things first, the girls..(I am the only thorn among the roses), come here on schedule. Lacey, who is Lola's favorite aside from me, comes M-F. Mia comes on R-F. Madison comes on MWF. Steph comes rarely. I think Lola took care of her twice only! But I love being with her. I went to her birthday party last September. I should invite her on my party next year!
My mom goes to school on T and R only so most of the time I am with her! Besides, even though I spent a lot of time with Lola, once I know that Mom is off from school, I am pretty sure I am back to sticking with her and guarding her every second of the day making sure that she does not leave me. Mommy's boy nga talaga ako!
This was a very difficult group picture!! Its difficult too for Lola as Lacey spends her last day today! She will go to a daycare starting Monday as Lola will leave for Pinas this month! Lola needs to take care of Lolo too, you know!!



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