Saturday, August 04, 2007

Fave things

I love to watch Incredibles. MOm is a little worried. She thinks its too violent for me. This afternoon, she caught me putting the incredibles dvd. I just finished watching my favorite shamu rocks dvd and I have decided to watch incredibles. Mom's timing is perfect. She saw me. She was surprised I know how to operate the tv and dvd.
I can say incredible as "beble". My favorite dvd is still "cars" given by Ninong Rommel. I would shout "ca" when I want to watch it.
My fave tv show at the moment is "little einstein" I would say " en-en"
Whoever taught me how to speak chinese?
Oh, I can say "opo" clearly. Especially when Im in the corner and mom tells me "be nice or you'll stay here in the corner" I would quip "OPO"...Ahhhh..makes my mom melt!


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