Monday, July 09, 2007

Typhoon Lagoon- Orlando

We went to Typhoon Lagoon and I had a wonderful time!The wave pool had a booming sound, parang alarm but I did not mind it. I enjoyed the pool very much and also the Ketchakidee creek where they had all sorts of slides a kid like me could imagine. In one of their slides, I was forced to remove my swimwear (but I still had my swimmers on huh) kasi my swimming outfit won't let me slide. Eh di hinubad ko at super saya.
On this pic, dad and I shared some cashews. Pero balik din ako agad sa tubig. I had to change clothes kasi yung floater ko, butas. Thank God, Ninang Sarah had an extra swimgear. Well, nothing can stop me from having fun!

Thanks Mom and Dad for a wonderful time! Bliss!


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