Saturday, July 24, 2010

shower power


Weekend with Abad's & Lorenzo's

Me & isabelle..together with the Abad's
Another weekend at the PC Beach..Ilovemylife!
Had dinner at Uncle Ernie's afterwards! Great time!


Thursday, February 04, 2010

Rock a bye baby

I love it when Mom sings Rock a bye baby. I told her that she has a good voice. She told me it melted her heart! Dad said I should not lie! But that's the truth, Mom has a good voice. (Now you all have an idea who is writing my blog;))


Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My mom gave me a dime

My Mom gave me a dime a dime
My mom gave me a dime
She said to buy a lime
But I didnt buy a lime
Instead I buy a bubble gum
Bazoonga zoonga ba gum
My Mom gave me a penny a penny
My mom gave me a penny
She said to buy a pen
But I didnt buy a pen
Instead I buy a bubble gum
Bazoonga zoonga ba gum
Bazoonga zoonga ba gum

Hahaha..I recited this poem in front of Mom and Dad & they were amazed! It's something I learned from school!

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Monday, January 11, 2010


My vpk is from 8-1130. Mom has to study for her boards this coming Jan 28th so she had to put me at the daycare for the next three weeks. It will only be temporary as I know Mom loves to spend time with me!
Ms. Pammie was so generous. She did not bill my mom for the past week. She knows that Mom had to study! She even offered mom not to pay them until Mom finds a work and passes her boards. Of course Mom refused that offer. Mom and Dad can afford to pay and refuses to take advantage of this very kind help!
I am enjoying my first week so far! It's good to be with my friends Hayden, Daniel & Joe, Johnathan, Makayla, Kelsym & Anna. My teachers Ms. Julie & Ms. Cristina are the best!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy 2010

Happy New Year!
Here's a picture of our feast at the Mandapat's home!Potluck style! We have inihaw na liempo, korean ribs, honeybaked ham, chicken with coconut milk, halabos na hipon, pancit molo, steamed young bokchoy in garlic sauce, buko pandan, cassave cake, tiramisu etc etc. I just have to go to the gym afterwards! Ang sarap kumain talaga!

Here we are enjoying the fireworks!

What a great party! We played charades and sing a christmas carol until Ate Bernadette emerged as the winner. She knew all the christmas songs! At 1100, we all had wine in our hands and a kiss from our loved one as we celebrated New Year ( We were watching ABC & they are at eastern time so it was an hour earlier for us!
At 12 midnight, we had firewors where all the kids had a great time too! Good friends, great food! Thank you Lord for a blessed 2009! We are looking forward to 2010!
(I cant believe I didnt post too much when a lot happened this year..oh well)


Saturday, December 05, 2009

Manila Manila I keep coming back to Manila

I can sing Manila Manila I keep coming back to Manila. The entire song! Mom has to post that video! No kidding! I used to sing "A very special love" last March when my dad was in the Philippines. Dad would not have approved of that but what can I say? Mom raised me to be a music lover just like her!
Tita Tet loves it when I sing it to her on the phone! That is why she is giving me Mario Kart cartridge for my dsi this Christmas! Am I really gonna get my dsi? I sure do hope so. Ive been very good this year!

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Let's go to the beach!

Life is a bliss!
We went to the beach last Saturday (and also last Saturday..oh and the day before that..and everytime we want to..because it is one of the things we love to do) and as always, Miguel had a blast!
He loves hitting the waves, playing the sand in his hands, building a castle, putting water on his bucket, sorting his beach toys, running etc!
Most of all, he loves to hang out with his dad! His dad rocks his world. (He does the same thing to me son.)
He is scared of the tiny fishes that comes his way! And the ship that had a canyon thingy..Boom Boom! Miguel ran to his dad as fast as he could.
The water is so clear! The waves make him calm! The sand is powdery soft!
Life is a bliss! God is good!

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