Monday, June 29, 2009

Let's go to the beach!

Life is a bliss!
We went to the beach last Saturday (and also last Saturday..oh and the day before that..and everytime we want to..because it is one of the things we love to do) and as always, Miguel had a blast!
He loves hitting the waves, playing the sand in his hands, building a castle, putting water on his bucket, sorting his beach toys, running etc!
Most of all, he loves to hang out with his dad! His dad rocks his world. (He does the same thing to me son.)
He is scared of the tiny fishes that comes his way! And the ship that had a canyon thingy..Boom Boom! Miguel ran to his dad as fast as he could.
The water is so clear! The waves make him calm! The sand is powdery soft!
Life is a bliss! God is good!

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