Sunday, April 20, 2008

I am 3!

Here's the link to my pictures!
My Birthday Pics
I would say this party is totally unforgettable. It started with everyone planning (Mom, Dad and Nongnong) two months before we decided to have the party at home. At first, they wanted to have a Disney party but then Dad figured it would be better to have it here at home just like last year! They divided chores like N would find a cake decorator, Mom would cook caldereta, gratin etc and Dad would cook the lechon!
It was fun listening to their discussion as my day came! I feel so special and loved! Thank you Lord for 3 wonderful years!
Whew, so what do I remember on the 19th of April..? Let me see, I woke up without Mom and Dad beside me. Dad and Mom had to wake up at 4am for the lechon. Mom had been telling Dad that it will be a rainy day but Dad just wont give up. I think I got that from Dad though. So the two of them, made tuhog the lechon (yeah this is Mom talking..typing) and tried to set it up in the lechon station. Then it rained.So they had to get the tent and set it up. We had to wake up NJ so he helped Mom and Dad set up the tent. Then Mom had to put the umbrella on the halogen lantern/light as it was still dark at this time. Dad had to put all the log to start the fire. Sobrang labor of love! Thank God MJ came at 7am and by then they had finally set up the lechon area. Woohooo..hopefully it comes alright at 2pm in time for the party!
Meantime, Ninang S was very supportive of Mom. Mom was ready to cook the caldereta as she had already sliced the ingredients. Ninang S volunteered to cook and asked Mom for extra ingredients. Afterwards, Mom was about to fry the lumpia but Lola E offered to do the same. Then Mom prepared the marinated chicken and pork. She baked the chicken, cut it in half and baked the potato gratin which she did last night! She got the shrimps from the ref and placed it on the buffet table. Oh Ninang S made the semi- sweet chocolate dip for the choco fountain which I so love. Too bad I did not get to have a picture of that! That was way too cool. Thank you NInang S for everything! At 9am, the 18 ft giant slide came. It was sunny this time. Thank you Lord for a very good weather! God is so good and he miraculously turned the weather from a rainy one into a sunny one! Alleluia!
By 1 pm, Mom and I had taken our shower and had dressed up. My early guests were the Abad's, the Lorenzo's and the Mandapat's. All of the kids were having fun but I get to be in my long sleeves buzz shirt with a buzz tie so I cannot go out and play. I have been bugging Mom to change my clothes but Mom insists that I wear it for the meantime! I was just envious of the other kids like Pia, Abby and Martin who have turned the slide into a wet one! I see their faces and I cried. If only I could be in the slide too!
Finally, at 2 pm, we have set up everything except for the lechon. It was already cooked. It was a success but chopping it took some time so guests had to wait for some more! The guests came, and I felt so loved as each had a present for me. I cant wait to open them but I need to go out in the slide first. Thank God Mom allowed me to change into my trunks and gave me sunblock. It's hot outside but the water was cold! Never mind..I'm having fun! Brrrr...Who's complaining?
As I was in the water, Lola E gave me some lumpia. My gosh, I havent eaten my lunch yet. By 3pm, Mom went outside and gave me pancit molo cooked by Tita D. It was so good! I love it. Tita A volunteered to feed me as Mom had to attend to the guests too. My gosh, Ive never seen Mom so busy. Thank God Mom had great friends or else the party will not be a success!
We played games too..I did not join them for soldier hunt but it was Martin who won that contest. Then we all went to the pabitin. I saw Kayla crying afterwards as she did not get the rocket that she wanted. I got a tiny balloon as Dad placed me on top of his shoulder so I was ecstatic. Mom gave Kayla another prize but Kayla wanted the rocket so she cried! Too bad..
Then we had the pinata! Oh I get to hit BUZZ or alien with my bat. I loved it! Afterwards, we all went crazy picking up the candies from the pinata! It was so much fun!
We had ice cream afterwards. Constant visit to the buffet table and choco fountain made me full at this time. Then it was time to blow my candle! This is the fun part. I get to enjoy every moment of it. I love it when Mom played the cd with the happy birthday song and then paused it afterwards. Then , it was my guests/friends who sang happy birthday with much gusto! After the birthday song, I paused, then I blew the 3 candles with Mom and Dad beside me! I clapped my hands afterwards as I felt I did a good job! Then everyone clapped their hands too. Yehey..I did it! All my friends saw that I did it! Years of training and practice made me succesful in blowing my candle on my birthday cake this time. Oh, did I mention I have two birthday cakes both with Buzz light year! Can you beat that??Each cake had half buter and half choco. Now it was time to slice the cake and I had my own slice first. I distributed the other slices as well. Whew..This is ultra fun!
Guests started to leave at 5 pm except for our pinoy neighbors! By 6pm, Tito B asked Mom if she had lemon, ginger as he wanted to cook SISIG. Dad watched how Tito B did it. Soon after we were all eating this yummy sisig and guys are now all over in the kitchen asking for beer. Tito C had to go to Publix to get some beer.
I opened the presents afterwards and this was the best part! I get to have all the things I ever wanted like the buzz train from Tita Melody, a Toy story Dvd from Ninong Rommel, etc etc..i loved opening all my presents one after the other..This is the life!
Then by 10pm , I was too tired so mom dressed me up in my pjs and tucked me in their bed. I wont let go of MOm so she slept with me. Her plan was to get up as soon as I fell asleep. Well, she got up at 1am instead! Yeah, she was that tired! She cleaned up a few more hours and by 4am , she was back to bed. She woke up at 7am to cook breakfast for everyone as my loving neighbors are back again at our house at 8am. Everyone just wants to hang around at the backyard, at the slide. We played Speedminton, watered the plants, etc..It was such a nice view watching our guests as they were all having fun!
Dad said he will cook paksiw na lechon but he went back to bed at 9am and slept till 1pm. Thus it was Ninang S who cooked the paksiw na lechon and it was really good! We just had sausage for breakfast and now lechon for lunch! My gosh, I dont think the party will ever end!
By 2pm, Ninang S had to say bye as they had to go to Tallahassee before going home! I am sad as my playtime with Pia had ended. But then I know I will get to see them again pretty soon. Pia will have her 5th birthday soon and I cant wait to see her!
That's it! By this time, Mom and Dad are just relaxing and recalling how great the party was thanks be to God. And next year, my birthday will be in Disney. See, they're already planning about it. My parents just love me..and I love them back!


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