Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pacman's game

Somehow, Manny Pacquiao is always present in our family gatherings. This fight was different as it was not yet my birthday or mom's or dad's. Nevertheless, the food was great (potluck style)last Saturday. I heard Tito B said.."Spread" when it was time to eat. We brought Baked Lechon Pata which everyone loved, Tita D cooked pansit sotanghon and lumpiang shanghai, Tito B cooked jumbo shrimps, Tito J cooked Bicol Express, Tito C had deep friend tilapia, Tita E made her famous yok-choy with oyster sauce and for dessert, Tita E brought Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory.

Here's the gang with dad on the blue shirt! I wanted to post a pic when all of them stood up as the Philippine National anthem was sung by Ms. Ciara Sotto! Mom stopped taking pics then. She was singing, they were all singing, seriously!

Here's Tito C with his fave shirt bought from SM Proj 6 QC! Proudly pinoy!

Here's the champ!

Here's the rest of the kids..elsewhere! The adults were in the living room while we stayed at the playroom watching the dvd Over the Hedge! Sometimes, we would roam around Tito J's house. Chaos was in the room as we were all in all 9 kids ages 1-8..Can you imagine that?



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