Saturday, January 19, 2008

I is three!

I had a wonderful time at I's party. What makes me excited is that Im going to be the next one! Weeeee..Being two is already wonderful and I just cannot wait to be three!! Mom is also excited planning for my party. Theyre thinking of having it in Orlando since it will be a spring break for everyone! We'll keep you posted.
Here I am wanting to blow the candle at I's cake! They say that I have rubbed my "iyakin blues" to S who is standing beside me..
What a wonderful party! They served spaghetti, fried chicken, french fries, pizza, onion rings, ice cream, dimsum! American style daw pero pinoy kami lahat. What turned out was that our tummies were all filled with yummy food and we even stayed until dinner after watching that movie. Great times! Great party I! Happy 3rd birthday!



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