Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Aunt Tammy, Madison's mom, gave me this! She saw this today and she just cannot resist the urge to buy this! She even went out of her way, i mean, she brought this outfit at my house lunchtime. She is really sweet!!Add to that, she gave Madison's clothes for my cousin Julienne in the Philippines. Too bad, Lola cannot bring all those boxes for my cuz. Anyway, Mom chose a few clothes so that will surely make my cuz happy!!
Here's my pic!

After lunch, Mom decided to visit Stephen who is celebrating his birthday tomorrow! His party will be today in time for halloween! Notice that he is Incrediboy while Im wearing scrubs (it has basketball, soccer ball, etc as its design given by Tito Emerson) and I got my medical kit and stethoscope. You see, I am going to be a doctor! That's what Mom and Dad has been telling me! I want to be like Lolo Ruben when I grow up! A doctor!!Yeah, that's me!

Then, we came back at 5pm for his actual birthday party! We were all dressed up for trick or treating at 7pm here in our village! We stuffed ourselves with yummy pancit, barbecue, beefstew, adobo, chopseuy and grilled portabella mushrooms!! Of course, Stephen's party will not be complete without us singing the happy birthday song! Isabelle was dressed us as princess Jasmine, Stephen changed from Incrediboy to Superman while I just changed my scrubs from ball design to a mickey mouse design! I still had my stethoscope with me the whole time! Feel ko talagang maging doctor!!

It was a great party! I wish Dad would allow me to go trick or treat when I get older! I think it's alright with Mom but with Dad, I don't know! Buti nga napapayag sya ni mom na mag costume ako! Pero hanggang costume lang..Di bale, I had fun pa rin kasi I got to play with Joe, Stephen, Isabelle and Jake. Enjoy!!:)



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