Monday, July 30, 2007

swimming at br

Somebody threw human feces in our community pool last July16. I am sure whoever did that thought it was a nice thing to do. Hmp! Thank God Dad and Ninong Carlo has a unit here at Baldwin. Its just a minute drive from our place but I do not mind as I get to enjoy the pool all by myself. I call this our Pool Number Two.
At first, I would cry whenever we pass by Pool NUmber ONe. I am crying because I want my Dad to stop the car so I can swim. They explained that we will now go to Pool NUmber Two because of that not so nice incident. They did clean and close our community pool for 24 hours but mom and dad thinks otherwise. So every afternoon, this is now where we hang out. Believe it or not, nobody swims here but us!! I guess they have not discovered this pool yet! We swim every afternoon between 6-8pm. Look, I know how to kick!!!



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