Saturday, September 15, 2007

Little Einstein & Hungry hippo

I love to watch Little Einstein! I have a favorite episode, "Carmine's Race". Seriously, I could watch that 30 minute show over and over again! My mom and dad thinks I have seen this way too much. I just couldnt resist this episode. I think I have outgrown High Five, Blue's Clues and the Wiggles. This is like my national anthem everyday! Mom is thinking of putting this episode in the DVD but I insist I watch it in the living room tv. Thank God we have Tivo so I can keep this episode until I delete it. Dad does not even want to listen to this show anymore sawang sawa na daw sya!
Also, Lacey has a toy "Hungry hippo" It plays that song whenever you push it. She still cannot walk (she's 13 months old) but whenever she pushes this toy it gives you that song. It is so funny. Everyone in the house would just hum this tune. " HUngry hippo, hungry hippo..Today, it was Lola who sung it. She sang, "Hungry Hippo, hungry hippo..before she sat down on the sofa. I can hear dad sing this in the shower too..But it was really lola who made me laugh!!!


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