Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ldd libreng tawag na

"If youre happy or sad or wala lang...
Kumustahan ..
Sa ldd libreng tawag na. ldd libreng tawag na
Chika chika.."

This is an advertisement played on TFC by Ate Glow and Eugene. Whenever I hear this on TFC, I would jump for joy and start dancing. While the announcer starts to relay something, I stop and then once the music starts, I start to dance again..Sa ldd libreng tawag na. ldd libreng tawag na. Tawa ng tawa silang lahat! I love this song!
Tonight, Lola played a joke on me. When this was on, she pressed the "pause" on the remote. I quipped "Oh No!" with sad face. When she pressed "Play" I started dancing and smiling again! I love this song really!



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