Sunday, June 22, 2008


We housesitted K's pool as they spent their break at Illinois so we had the pool all by ourselves. On the video, we were at the 6 ft area. Dad kept on saying " Wag kang malikot " He was so scared that I might cause the little boat to tumble. That was my goal really. ;) No, I just wanted to reach for the ball! That's all! I was having fun! And so did mom! And a weird way! Mas takot ata sya kesa sa natutuwa!
The video made mom laugh so hard her tummy ached. Also, the video ended with dad rushing to the safe zone of the pool, the 3 ft area. I got my floaties all the time. Plus I had my swimming lessons too. That's why I was so fearless, while Dad was trying to be brave. Malalim daw.



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