Thursday, July 03, 2008

Slip n slide in summer!


It's summer in the Sunshine state! My day will not be complete without a trip to the pool or playing with my crazy sprinkler at the backyard, gardening with mom or just about enjoying the sun and the water and my friends.
Here's one afternoon where I had a blast with my neighbors A & Z. Good thing my mom brought her camera to record this first for me. Promise not to laugh at me as you watch this video. My friends are fearless, I know. What if something happens to my chest? Even though, I did it my way, I know my mom is proud of me as I did my slip in the slide. She kept on shouting Hurray and I did good! Such encouraging words. (hehehehe) Although the 4 minute video hoped that I would change my sliding style, ahhh...Nope, not yet! Maybe next time. Still, my mom was proud of me!
Also, Z and I had a discussion in the middle of the video as I know it was my turn and Z thought it was his turn, Mom wanted to be fair so she called us out. Z, still took the slide. Two year olds. I am just glad I am now three! Been there, done that!
Ok, just click the video and hope you have fun! I'm having a great time this summer! And this one, is just one of those days!

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