Saturday, December 16, 2006

Group pic

This is the filipino community having our early christmas party at Ninong Joseph's house. Ninong Joseph had his house rented by the Dancel's and the Nacilo-an's. Well, that's another story to tell.
It was potluck style and we all had fun. Well, I had fun crying. I dont know but I seemed to be scared with other people. I just cant stop crying when Isabel comes near me, when Stephen touches me..Oh well, I sure cried out loud. Tsk.. I know I will change someday. I just have to be used to other people's company. You cant blame me. Im used to just having mom around me all the time err..
Back to the party, we had lots of food and lots of presents. I did not want to have my pic taken with all the other kids. I prefer to have my solo pic under the fireplace. Japorms eh..Everyone loved my christmas vest. Naks, pormatiks talaga..Iyakin nga lang..waaaahhh...


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